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If you’re a recruitment professional, you probably navigate through thousands of CVs to find the ideal candidates. But did you know that the difference between hiring top talent and average candidates is a good job posting? 

You need a killer job posting to set your company apart. It is essential as the candidates are also reviewing company profiles to find the best opportunities. So, properly highlighting your vacancies is essential to attract appropriate talent.

A tool like Bayt.com Job Postings is an excellent place to start. With features like AI-powered filters, custom notifications, and a job description builder, you’ll be good to go! 

Continue reading to learn more about the best job posting tactics.

  1. Conduct job analysis before posting 

Before you head over to job posting sites to post your vacancies, review the job profile. A platform like Bayt.com will help you immensely with this.

Start by ensuring that you’ve properly stated the requirements, eligibility criteria, and job role details. Then, identify your target candidates that will suit the role. 

Next, you need to figure out the job targeting locations from which you aim to hire talent. For instance, if you’re planning to post jobs in the UAE, Bayt.com has the largest database in the MENA region of over 44,000,000 CVs. 

So, check out the CVs to understand which area has the largest number of suitable job seekers. Then, figure out the ideal compensation for the job role and compare it with the current industry standard. 

  1. Create the posting with the right details 

After you have understood the basics, it’s time to create a precise job post. Bayt.com provides multiple features to make the job post interesting and clear.  

  • Select your required candidate type- white collar or blue collar 
  • Fill in details like job role, location, employment type and company type 
  • Enter candidate requirements like years of experience, qualifications, specific skills and gender 
  • Advertise the posting on media outlets affiliated with Bayt.com like newspapers and social media platforms 

In addition, you can add a questionnaire for testing the candidates’ skills. It can be in MCQs, drop-downs or free text questions. This will help you filter out unqualified candidates and compare multiple job applications and also understand more about an applicant.   

  1. Edit the job posting

Whether you’re using free job posting sites or top-notch platforms, you need to edit the post before publishing it. Bayt.com offers auto-screen filters on candidate requirements and your preferred keywords. 

The platform will automatically filter irrelevant resumes and put them in a screened-out folder. These exclusions will enable you to save time and find prospective candidates faster.

You can also use other Bayt.com features such as:

  • Adjust the email settings to receive notifications from all applicants or only relevant applicants
  • Modify the auto-reply settings to send a brief acknowledgement message to all applicants
  • You can add your public HR profile to let applicants connect with you conveniently

After doing all this, re-evaluate the job posting to find any scope for improvement. 

  1. Organize the job postings

Bayt.com provides multiple functions to activate or deactivate your job postings. You can also edit sections of the post, attach/remove questionnaires and conveniently arrange the applications in folders like rejected CVs and shortlisted CVs.

Moreover, you can sort the resumes based on the application date, job description, relevancy and questionnaire scores. It will give you more time to determine which applicants you must pursue and which CVs to avoid. 

Another excellent feature of Bayt.com is its Search Engine, which lets you quickly filter and search for applicants.

  1. Highlight the company’s culture   

In the job posting, discuss your company’s mission, work culture, accomplishments, and visions. Also, ensure that your company logo and profile are correctly highlighted. It will provide the applicant with a better insight into the firm. 

You must also use the correct language and tone that defines your company. It can be formal or semi-formal, but it needs to be precise. 

Lastly, you can always utilize Bayt.com’s job description builder to enhance the job post and connect better with the applicant.     

Summing up 

You can start your recruitment journey and post jobs for free on Bayt.com. Avail of outstanding features like applicant management, filters and auto-screening to make your job post stand out. 

Just log in to the platform, add your job description, and set the screening criteria. You’ll receive the best CVs from your desired candidates that fit the roles. 

However, always explain the job responsibilities and expectations clearly in the post.   


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