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Are you posting a job and looking to attract the best candidates? Well, it’s time to ditch the overused and ineffective phrases that make your job post blend in with the crowd. Let’s review five common phrases you should avoid, like the plague, if you want to stand out as an employer and attract top talent. So let’s get to it and stop using these outdated phrases when you’re posting a job!

 Before we get to the phrases you shouldn’t use, here are 5 things you should include in your job post!


Key takeaways on posting a job

Continue reading to learn more about these 5 phrases that you should stop using in your job post:

  1. “Work hard, party hard”
  2. “No two days are the same”
  3. “Wear many hats”
  4. “High performance culture”
  5. “Fully committed individual”


1. “Work hard, party hard”

It’s vital to stay away from clichés like “work hard, party hard” while writing your job ad. Although it may be catchy, this statement doesn’t actually convey anything significant about the position or your company culture. Instead, concentrate on the role’s specifics and how your business differs from others in the sector.

At the end of the day, finding the right candidate is about more than just finding someone who can work hard and play hard. It’s about finding someone who fits the team and can help drive the company forward. 

Tip: Ditch the tired clichés and focus on showcasing what makes your company great. Who knows, you may just find the perfect candidate ready to work smart and have some fun along the way.


2. “No two days are the same”

Job seekers are tired of reading job posts that all sound the same. One of the most overused phrases in job descriptions is “no two days are the same.” Even if this might be the case in certain instances, it’s not a very useful description of the work. It’s ambiguous and doesn’t give potential employees a clear picture of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Tip: Make an effort to be more detailed about the work responsibilities and what the applicant may anticipate on a daily basis. This will not only help you draw in more qualified applicants, but it will also assist them grasp what they’re signing up for.


3. “Wear many hats”

When posting a job, most employers put in “wear several hats” while describing what a candidate’s day would look like. Interestingly, the phrase doesn’t give that information at all. It’s time to retire a phrase that has lost its meaning due to being overused in job postings.

First, the statement offers little information about what the work entails. It’s ambiguous and can imply various things to various people. Second, it may turn off prospective employees who fear they would be required to shoulder too many duties and spread themselves too thin.

Tip: Be specific about the skills and experience you’re seeking in a candidate. Doing so will attract more qualified applicants who understand the job requirements and feel confident in meeting them.

So, let’s put the “wear many hats” phrase to rest and start crafting job ads that are clear, concise, and informative.


5 phrases to avoid when posting a job
Posting a job? Avoid these 5 redundant phrases.


4. “High-performance culture”

Hey, have you ever come across a job ad that boasts about having a “high-performance culture”? It’s another one of those phrases that’s become so ubiquitous in job postings that it’s lost its meaning.

Firstly, what does “high-performance culture” even mean? It’s frequently used as a blanket term to imply a demanding, competitive, fast-paced workplace. Yet, this kind of culture isn’t for everyone, and it may even be ineffective if it causes turnover and burnout. Additionally, candidates seeking a more supportive and collaborative work atmosphere may be turned off by the phrase. 

Tip: Instead of relying on buzzwords like “high-performance culture,” job ads should focus on providing specific information about the company’s values, mission, and working style.


5. “Fully committed individual”

Think about it – what does “fully committed” really mean? Does it mean someone who works long hours without complaint? Someone who never takes a day off? Someone who is willing to sacrifice their personal life for the job? It’s hard to say, and different people can interpret it differently.

Instead, why not focus on specific skills or qualities necessary for the job? 

Tip: For example, mention that if you’re looking for someone who can work independently. If you need someone great at problem-solving, ensure that’s clear in the job ad. This will not only help you attract more qualified candidates but also help you better assess whether they are a good fit for the job.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, it’s important to avoid using clichés and overused phrases in your job ad to attract top talent. By being specific, concise, and highlighting your company’s unique selling points, you can create a compelling job description that stands out from the rest.

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