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Teamwork is a vital part of any business becoming successful. The collaborative environments at offices encourage the employees to trust and engage for better performance. The Bayt.com team has researched collaboration factors in the MENA companies. We found out that 94% of companies in this region hire candidates based on their ability to work in teams.

Similarly, 54% of professionals also look for companies where teamwork is frequent. Every MENA company is looking to find better ways to improve the association of team members. Today, we will also share some valuable things with you to improve collaboration in your workplace.

  1. Maintain a positive environment

Maintaining a positive environment is the first thing to work on in the office. We are human beings, and even the most devoted employees need the right environment to succeed. Rewarding hardworking employees and appreciating their efforts does not only help in maintaining positivity at work, but it is also essential to facilitate future team collaboration, as employees can reap the benefits of working together.

Remote working is also becoming a part of big businesses. The employees who work remotely from home and others who work from the office need to collaborate effectively. To do this, you might need some communication channels for the uninterrupted connection between each worker. This way, you can ensure that the whole team is on the same page and actively sharing their doubts, positive feedback, and healthy conversations.

However, while progressing the work, there will also be some bad performances, but you must motivate the team. It is also important to provide constructive feedback and stay positive. With your reviews, also express appreciation for their efforts. In this way, we encourage peer-to-peer discussions of ideas to make further collaborations.

  1. Increase the transparency

We cannot expect the team to work together if we are not transparent with them. It doesn’t mean sharing confidential information with the team. The idea here is to share the goal you want to achieve with collaborative efforts. There might be chances that, as an organization, you are lacking somewhere. The openness with every team member allows you to take their outlook on things.

Ultimately, the point is that if they know where they need to put effort, they will do the collaboration. As a result, the strategic efforts of the entire group will be in the direction of achieving the same goal. According to the ‘Teamwork in the MENA Workplace’ survey, open communication (44%) emerged as the top factor that positively impacts group dynamics. 

  1. Collaborate with different departments

Working only in one team may become a routine and limit innovative ideas. Whereas performing across various groups in the company can enhance the quality of thinking. It facilitates engagement between team members. Each individual got the chance to combine their skills to brainstorm the most effective solutions for growth. It motivates employees to leave their comfort zone and have productive communication with the employees they have never gotten in touch with before.

You can do this at your workplace, which will help you in team building. Each person will get the opportunity to listen to the work and plan of different departments. It is possible that finding solutions becomes more manageable like this.

  1. Identify and improve employees’ strengths

At workplaces, people focus more on completing the tasks and forget their strengths and weaknesses. You can change this atmosphere and ask them to do some personality tests. It will help you identify each member’s core and natural strengths. You will get to know what can help you to make more success when they use their vital capabilities together. 

Let us take an example. If the results after the examination show someone with excellent organizational skills, you can use it. It will be a great help for you when the workload is high. Then the professional will know how to break down things better. Besides, it is also a significant capability when doing work in collaboration.

  1. Welcome new ideas

Many employees have a fear of judgment when they have new ideas. The intimidation can be a frustrating obstacle to the surface of the best ideas, especially for companies. The thing that comes to mind can be acceptable or get rejected. But the hesitation to share is a negative point that can restrict the factor of growth.

You can overcome this obstacle by creating a creative, non-judgmental work culture that always welcomes new ideas and discussions. It doesn’t matter if that is small, bizarre, ambitious, or dramatic. Effective workplace collaboration can continue with an emphasis on creative freedom.


Open communication, management support, team members’ diversity, and rewards can help improve collaboration in any workplace. Each member will feel confident to work together and contribute to the organization’s growth.

If you want to know more about MENA trends in businesses and hirings, stay in touch with our website Bayt.com.

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