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Are you struggling to attract top talent to your organization? Crafting a compelling job post is the first step towards finding the right candidates. But what if we told you that adding just a few small details could significantly boost applications you receive? Here are five simple tips to help you optimize your job postings, stand out for job seekers, and attract the best candidates for your team. Let’s dive in!


Key takeaways on how to boost applications

Let’s learn more about the 5 things in a job post that can boost applications:

  1. Salary
  2. Type of work
  3. Job description
  4. Location
  5. Type of industry


1. Salary

One of the most important things job seekers consider when applying for a job is the salary. Salary is arguably, the most crucial consideration for most applicants when considering whether or not to apply for a job.

As a result, it’s imperative to provide the salary range in your job post. While some companies choose to withhold the pay information, doing so can be a mistake. You run the risk of turning off qualified applicants who might have applied if wage information was kept secret. Or, you might end up with applicants with different salary expectations, leading to wasted time and opportunities.

Furthermore, you’ll find more people who are a good fit for the position and are satisfied with the compensation package if you are up forward about the salary range.  So, don’t be afraid to include salary information in your job post – it might just be the key to boosting your applications!


2. Type of work

Let’s discuss the type of work that is being offered in your job post. It’s crucial to be clear and concise so that prospective applicants understand what they’re signing up for. In other words, don’t beat around the bush. Be clear when describing the duties, obligations, abilities, and credentials required for the position. 

Don’t forget to include the fun aspects of the job as well. Remember to always mention if you’re working on something innovative or if you’re working with a diverse team! People adore learning about interesting and fascinating prospects. You’ll draw competent and motivated people that can’t wait to join your team by being open and excited about the type of job you’re offering.


3. Job description

A clear and concise job description is crucial when making a job post, outlining duties, qualifications, and requirements. But it should also reflect the company’s culture, goals, and values to give applicants a sense of what they’ll be entering into and gain their interest.

So, when writing a job description, take some time to think about what kind of language and tone you want to use. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of personality and humor, but also be sure to stay professional and on-brand. Try to structure the job description logically and add in headings so it’s easy to read and process.

Remember, the goal is to attract the top talent and encourage them to apply. So, make sure your job description is engaging, informative, and accurately reflects the position and your company. A well-crafted JD will surely boost applications and increase your talent pool.


Add 5 things in job post to boost applications
5 things you can add in your job post to boost applications

4. Location

The location of a job can be a make or break factor for many candidates. It’s crucial to be straightforward and transparent about the location of the position, whether it’s remote or hybrid, or in-office. Providing information about the location in your job post can help attract the right candidates and increase the chances of finding the right fit.

Here are some tips for including location information in your job post:

  • In-office: provide a neighborhood and nearby amenity details
  • Remote: mention time zone and specific location requirements
  • Include transportation and parking information for in-office jobs
  • Be transparent about salary and benefits for high-cost-of-living cities 


5. Type of industry

When it comes to writing a job post, one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the industry you’re in. It’s crucial to personalize your post in accordance with the specific cultures, expectations, and requirements of each industry. 

Ensure you’re attracting the correct applicants and communicating what makes your business unique from others in your industry. You may emphasize specific aspects to appeal to prospects’ interests regardless of whether you work in technology, healthcare, or hospitality.

So, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Understand your industry and its culture
  • Emphasize professional development opportunities and cutting-edge technology (if in the tech industry)
  • Highlight the chance to make a difference in people’s lives (if in the healthcare industry)
  • Use clear and easy-to-understand language
  • Focus on the benefits of the position and what you’re looking for in a candidate.


Final thoughts on boosting applications

Incorporating these 5 simple tips in your job post can lead to a significant boost in applications. Start crafting job descriptions that resonate with job seekers and highlight what sets your company apart to attract the best talent.

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