Find the right candidates or get your money back! Hire now X’s live chat feature is the first of its kind in the Middle East! It’s an innovative communication tool that allows employers and job seekers to connect directly on our platform and remove the hassle of waiting for email replies. This new feature is part of the Bayt AI+ suite that is set to revolutionize the future of hiring.

Imagine sending messages to prospective candidates and getting replies after a delay. It kills the enthusiasm, slows down the hiring process and makes communication way harder. But good news: we have the solution now!

With this exciting addition, employers can now connect with job seekers instantly. Simultaneously, select job seekers will get the unique opportunity to reach out to employers directly for their applied jobs.


Key Takeaways

  • What is’s live chat feature?
  • How will live chat make hiring easier?
  • Benefits of live chat
  • How to use the feature?
  • Final thoughts


What is’s live chat feature?’s Live Chat feature is an innovative communication tool that allows employers and job seekers to connect directly on our platform. 

So, instead of the hassle of waiting for email replies, employers can start a conversation with job seekers, ask questions, and even schedule interviews with just a few clicks. This will save a lot of time in the hiring process. 

Also, another challenge for employers is not knowing who’s active or inactive on the platform. With the live chat feature, employers can also see which candidates are online and more active on our hiring platform. 


bayt live chat
Bayt live chat


How will live chat make hiring easier?

We know that finding the right candidate for the right role can be a tiring process, which is why we’ve designed the Live Chat feature to make it all easier. In just a few clicks, you can now chat with job seekers, ask initial questions and plan interview dates and time. 


What’re the benefits of this new feature?

  • Instant communication: No more waiting for emails or phone calls – employers can connect with job seekers instantly and get answers in real-time.
  • Personalized interaction: Live Chat enables employers and job seekers to have a more direct, personal conversation, which can help build rapport and lead to better hiring decisions. Instant one-on-one chat can help clarify the finer details of the hiring process. 
  • Increased efficiency: Scheduling interviews and follow-ups is easier than ever with Live Chat. It will save time and streamline the hiring process. Employers will be able to get more done in less time.
  • Increased visibility: Employers can now see job seekers who are more active and more frequently online. It’ll give more visibility to the employers about the job seekers who are more available versus those who are less active on the platform. 


How to use the live chat feature

Using the live chat feature on is easy! 

  1. Simply navigate to any of your job posts, or do a quick CV Search
  2. Click Contact on job seekers you are interested in
  3. Start a conversation

Note: When you click Contact for a new candidate, you’ll consume one contact credit.


bayt AI+ - live chat
Bayt AI+ – Live chat


Final thoughts

This live chat feature is the first of its kind in any hiring platform in the MENA region. We wanted to streamline the communication between an employer and a job seeker, removing many steps in between.’s live chat feature does just that. 

So, if you’re an employer looking to connect with top talent, live chat can help you get there faster. Finding, contacting and hiring candidates just got way easier.

We hope this post gives you a better understanding of’s Live Chat feature and how it can revolutionize the hiring process. Sign up now for Bayt AI+ waitlist and try it yourself! We’re confident that this live chat feature will make your life easier by fast-tracking communication with candidates. – always bringing you closer to the right candidates.

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