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Did you know that most recruiters spend 80% of their time screening CVs and creating effective job descriptions? According to a LinkedIn survey, this leaves only 20% of the time for the strategic parts of your hiring!

Since the majority of your time is lost in scanning CVs and posting jobs, you may struggle to generate a steady pipeline of talent, meet hiring targets, and find the right person to fill your vacancies.

At, we know you need more time for strategic decision-making and building relationships with candidates. That’s why we’ve brought you the most innovative solution to all your hiring needs!



Introducing Bayt AI+, the future of hiring in the MENA!

Bayt AI+ brings together the perfect blend of cutting-edge tech, the trust of 40,000+ employers in the Middle East and over 2 decades of experience!


Key Takeaways on Bayt AI+

With Bayt AI, you can now:

  • Post a job in less than a minute with AI-generated JDs, making your hiring 60% faster
  • Find the right candidate with the new CV search which will help you hire 2x faster
  • Connect with job seekers instantly with live chat, making communication faster and more efficient
  • Enjoy an overall smarter, speedier and simpler hiring experience with Bayt’s AI-powered features


What is Bayt AI+? What features are we launching?

Bayt AI+ is the first-of-its-kind AI and smart features suite designed to transform the way you find, evaluate, and connect with top talent. It will reduce your time-to-hire and match you with the right candidates sooner.


Unlock the future of hiring with Bayt AI+
Unlock the future of hiring with Bayt AI

Make your recruitment intelligent, seamless, connected. Here’s how:

  • Intelligent

    • Crafting the perfect job description takes time, right? Not anymore! With’s AI-powered job description creator, you can get SEO optimized and custom JDs which you can edit or post within seconds!
    • Whether you’re hiring an engineer or a chef, simply add in your criteria, and watch as our platform crafts professional JDs specific to your requirements.
    • Using our tool, you can post jobs quickly, and attract candidates to your vacancies faster.
Bayt AI+ automated job descriptions for employers
Intelligent: AI-Generated Job Descriptions


  • Seamless 

    • Experience 2x faster candidate screening with our new and advanced CV Search solution.
    • Our smart algorithms analyze millions of resumes, presenting you with a handpicked selection of the most qualified candidates for your position. Enjoy a seamless interface that streamlines the entire process.
Bayt AI+ : New CV search
Seamless: New CV Search


  • Connected

    •’s live chat feature is the first of its kind in the Middle East! It’s an innovative communication tool that allows employers and job seekers to connect directly on our platform and remove the hassle of waiting for email replies. 
    • Employers can start a conversation with job seekers, see who is online, ask screening questions, and even schedule interviews with just a few clicks.
Connected: Live Chat


How can I sign up for Bayt AI?

Interested? Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to experience the game-changing Bayt AI+ suite! We’re offering exclusive access to a select few clients who join our waitlist early. Be among the very first to know what an AI-based hiring experience feels like. 

Remember, this is a limited-time offer. So, get on the waitlist for’s first-of-its-kind AI-powered hiring suite in the Middle East! Sign up to Bayt AI waitlist here and discover the future of hiring!

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