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What if we told you that your reputation as a manager could help you attract top talent? But what exactly does it mean to have a good reputation as a manager? It all comes down to how you treat your employees, deal with difficulties, and set an example for others. Here, we’ll look at the importance of reputation as a manager and how it can help attract top talent. So, continue reading!


Key takeaways

Here is how you can boost your reputation as a manager in 2024:

  1. Be prominent in your industry
  2. Make interviews a two-way street
  3. Provide reference checks
  4. Promote your values


1. Be prominent in your industry

Becoming prominent in your industry is a crucial aspect of building a manager’s reputation that can attract top talent. According to a study by LinkedIn, 78% of job seekers consider the reputation of a company’s leadership team when evaluating job opportunities. To achieve this prominence:

  • Focus on continuous learning and growth in your area of expertise.
  • Educate others about your expertise and ideas through giving talks, publishing publications, coaching colleagues, and upskilling employees.
  • Embrace innovation and stay current with market trends to show that you are on the cutting edge of innovations

Furthermore, research from the Harvard Business Review reveals that managers who actively engage in ongoing professional development are more likely to be perceived as industry leaders and are, in turn, more attractive to potential hires. By being recognized as an expert and a better manager, you showcase your competence and dedication to excellence.  


2. Make interviews a two-way street

Transforming interviews into a two-way conversation is vital in attracting top talent and enhancing your reputation as a manager. Instead of just evaluating candidates, let them evaluate your team and workplace.

  • Encourage candidates to ask you questions about your leadership style, team dynamics, and company culture.
  • This strategy demonstrates your regard for their opinions and desire to foster a friendly, collaborative workplace.
  • It also offers insight into your leadership style, which may draw individuals who share your vision.

Making interviews a two-way street reflects transparency and openness, signaling that you value mutual respect and engagement and are determined to provide a positive interview experience. Talented people look for a job but also want a workplace where they can flourish and make a real difference.

Furthermore, you can find applicants who are sincere about joining your team and share your values by encouraging conversation during interviews. With this strategy, your manager will be seen as a leader who genuinely cares about the success and development of their team, which will increase your team’s appeal to top talent.


3. Provide reference checks

Including reference checks as part of your hiring process is a valuable strategy for attracting top talent and enhancing your manager’s reputation. Candidates will be more inclined to join your team if they believe you thoroughly assess their qualifications and abilities. Additionally, it provides a degree of openness and reliability that potential employees find attractive.

  • Reference checks give important information about a candidate’s character, work ethic, and past performance.
  • By conducting these tests, you can confirm a candidate’s qualifications and learn more about how well they fit into your team.
  • Additionally, letting candidates know that you take reference checks seriously conveys to them your dedication to creating a productive and comfortable workplace.

Incorporating reference checks into your hiring process helps you make informed decisions and reinforces your manager’s reputation as someone who values excellence and integrity. This reputation, in turn, can help you attract top talent!


4. Promote your values

A great strategy to attract top talent and enhance your manager’s reputation is to promote your values. Candidates can better grasp the type of workplace you’re creating when you know your guiding ideas and values. According to a study by Gallup, managers who are actively involved in the workplace are more likely to be perceived as experts in their field. People who share those values can establish a stronger connection with your team because of this transparency. 

Moreover, they perceive you as a leader who highly values diversity, integrity, or other fundamental values, such as employee work-life balance. In addition to attracting talent that shares your vision, aligning your values with your team’s objective establishes your reputation as a manager who leads purposefully, making your team a draw for top talent.



In conclusion, your reputation as a manager can be beneficial when attracting top talent. Building a strong reputation through industry prominence, transparent interviews, reference checks, and promoting your values attracts the best and enhances your leadership credibility. A positive reputation paves the way for a brighter, talent-filled future.

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