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How do I become a better manager and bring out the best in my people this year?

That’s the burning question, isn’t it? And it comes with challenges of its own. With remote/hybrid work, the great resignation and quiet quitting – it’s hard to navigate how to become a better manager. There can be various uncertainties and economic headwinds, and in such a crisis, is it essential for the manager to maintain the balance between flexibility and authority. So undoubtedly, you might be asking what makes a good manager?

While you invest your time forming a valuable relationship with your colleagues, you earn a lot of respect and loyalty, which helps in good times and critical situations. So, let’s find out some of the essential and peculiar qualities in the leader which must be seen and can lead to becoming a great manager.


  1. Motivate your team with appraisals and praises

Team members are more likely to expect a reward or praise from the higher authorities. Even if it’s not cash, still a tiny gesture of honour can do wonders. It’s been concluded that teams who do not get rewards and praises are more likely to deteriorate their work performance.

Make your team members feel appreciated with various kinds of recognition programs, which would help in boosting the internal satisfaction of the employees.


  1. Set meaningful objectives

Help your people connect their individual goals with the company goals. Every employee wants to contribute to the company’s success. Your job, as a great manager, is to make that connection so it’s clearly visible.

You might have a better vision of the company direction and the work that each employee is putting in. However, your direct reports might not. You can choose multiple frameworks like objectives and key results (OKR Framework) to help you align goals and improve visibility within your team.


  1. Be a good listener, become a better manager

Great leaders should always be good listeners. They should bear the quality to listen and act on what they have learnt. It is always good to give a friendly ear to your team. It is not always necessary to come up with a solution each time, but only if you listen to anyone’s issue it can create wonders. So, make sure to be available to give a sympathetic ear to your team members. It will help them feel at home and enhance respect for the manager.


  1. Bring creativity and patience

There is an ideal time to experiment and try new things during a crisis. It helps break the monotony of the everyday routine, which ensures the employee to be an active part of the company. You can interact with the staff and encourage them to develop great ideas and contribute to the organization’s benefit.


  1. Be humble and helpful

Being humble and having a helpful attitude can always be fruitful for your team members. When you discipline your team, be equally polite and give them improvement tips to enhance their work performance. Also, make sure to be humble. Even if you are in a higher position of authority, it is always significant to become humble towards your team members.


  1. Be honest and objective when giving and receiving feedback

You need to be honest and meaningful with the staff. There is no point in sugar coating with the team as it can lower the self-esteem of the other deserving members. During times of stress and highly emotional moments, make sure to keep your head high. Best management can be done only when dealing with the hard times effectively. It is always significant to strategize adequate time to communicate with your team members.


  1. Stay connected with the team

Moving around is always good rather than just sitting in your cabin if you are in a high authority position. It’s always recommended to keep moving and stay connected with all the team members. Keep an open-door policy. It will encourage people to come and share concerns with you. Arrange 1-on-1 meetings with immediate reports and have daily huddles.


Final Thoughts on Better Managers

Leading a team is not an easy task. A good leader is open to the right questions. If you are free to open yourself to the strengths and knowledge of your team members, nothing can stop you from achieving the next level of authority. Being a good manager is always an add-on in a company as you can gain respect and contentment from the team members. You can also explore various leadership models depending on your industry and see what fits you best.

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