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Want to announce your jobs to millions of candidates in a few simple steps? Bayt.com’s Job Posts are the way to go. Frankly, when it comes to hiring your next employee, there are a lot of things to think about.


Questions to ask before you start hiring

  • Where to source CVs?
  • How to write your job description?
  • What steps should your recruitment process include?
  • What tools you can use to promote your job and attract candidates?
  • How much money you need to spend on hiring?


Fill Your Vacancies Easily with Bayt’s Job Posts!

Your organization has a few openings, and you’re on the hunt for the best professionals to employ. The process no longer needs to be daunting with the help of Bayt’s Job Postings!

Bayt has the biggest database in the MENA region of over 47,000,000 CVs. Put that to use by posting your particular and brief job post on our website. Find the highest quality of enthusiastic job seekers flocking to your inbox!

Strengthen your team by filtering through the applicants and choosing the best. Instead of the overwhelming inundation of applicants, Bayt allows you to nitpick and select the ones deemed as the best fit. Easy peasy!


How to Post Jobs on Bayt.com

Posting a job and selecting the best candidate has never been easier. Read below for an in-depth understanding of how our AI-backed technologies and easy interface can help you grow your team!

1. Create Job Posts

  • Firstly, you can choose the candidate type you are looking for – e.g., Professional (White-collar), or Skilled-trade Worker (Blue-collar).
  • Fill in appended details such as job title, job role, location, employment type, and much more!
  • Add candidate requirements like specific skills, work experience, gender, age, etc.
  • To reach target audiences, you can add certain options, such as hiding or displaying the company name and logo. Or placing ads on Bayt-affiliated platforms like newspapers, social media, etc.
  • Lastly, add a specialized questionnaire to test potential candidates; skillsets, confidence, and thinking skills. That helps you gain more information about the candidate while creating exclusion criteria.


2. Job Post Features

  • Bayt provides a readily made acknowledgment message to send to every applicant who’s applied for the post. Up your professionalism!
  • Before posting, you can add certain exclusion filters to the search. If underqualified or unqualified candidates apply, their profiles will get moved into a screened folder to help you prioritize relevant candidates.
  • Bayt allows and recommends you to publicly post the HR’s profile to reach and connect with more audiences.


3. Organizational Features

  • Organize your applicants through folders like ‘Shortlisted Candidates,’ ‘Rejected CVs,’ etc.
  • Candidates who did not apply to the job but fit the job description are ‘Recommended CVs’. You can invite them to apply (limited to 100 invites per post).
  • Screen applicants through myriad filters and clusters.
  • Pick out the shortlisted candidates by using filters like questionnaire scores, work experience, age, etc.


Tips on Job Posting

  • Filters can screen and highlight your candidates, simplifying the shortlisting process. Ensure you’re using the correct filters for best results.
  • Add relevant questionnaires which will test the skillset and confidence of a candidate. Add as many questionnaires as applicable but don’t go overboard.
  • If the company has specific goals ad requirements in mind, selectively choose those candidates who fit the bill.

You can also check out more tips on effective ways to write job posts.


Final Thoughts

Bayt.com is the leading job site in the MENA region for recruiting the best professionals and simplifying the shortlisting process. Its slew of attractive features, along with its cost-effective subscription plans, make it a must-have tool for every HR professional and employer!

Use Bayt’s Job Posting and pair it with CV Search to attract top talent to your company. With an easy registration process, seamless interface, and smooth functionality, you have no excuse to skip out on posting your job instantly and get auto-screened applicants.

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