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Talent recruitment is a continuous process. At every stage, you need to find new candidates to fit your company’s existing roles.

So, how do you proceed with finding candidates that match your company’s culture?

You might conduct a time-consuming recruitment drive or post an ad on various platforms. However, you will agree that such methods are not always effective.

A fantastic alternative to traditional hiring is Bayt.com CV Search. You can leverage this online sourcing tool by using features like AI-powered filters and systematic segregation. 

There are various ways to utilize CV Search that simplify hiring for employers. Here are some practical tips and features to get started. 

  1. Explore over 44 million CVs using keyword search

It’s true — the overall process to search CVs can seem intimidating. Generally, an abundance of candidate information can end up making the search lengthy.

However, Bayt.com CV Search has a unique keyword bar. You can benefit from this AI-powered search tool by using the box and typing specific attributes as follows:

  •  Job title
  • Location
  • Skills

The Boolean search allows quick segregation of millions of CVs into required terms. So, you can find appropriate candidates as per your company’s needs and preferences.

Just use boolean operators like ‘and,’ ‘or’, ‘not’ to segregate keywords for a specific profile. For instance, if you require a content writer, you can type – ‘content writer’ and ‘technical writer’ not ‘copywriter.’ This way, you can shortlist millions of CVs and choose an accurate profile. 

  1. Benefit from multiple clustering tools

Filtering CVs into sub-categories can speed up your candidate search. Such a function can filter out the initial results, thereby offering a more focused candidate base.

This feature makes hiring for employers more convenient as it contains the following sections:

  • CV freshness
  • Experience
  • Target job
  • Education
  • Additional information
  • Personal details

Hence, you can explore these details and understand when a candidate was active on the portal. 

  1. Leverage the power of CV freshness

There is one common complaint of recruiters. They contact an ideal candidate after a long process, only to realize their unavailability.

Hence, all the efforts of going through several CVs take a halt. With Bayt.com CV Search, you can explore the active time of a candidate. All you need to do is utilize the CV freshness function, and voila!

The platform will display candidates that update their details actively. This way, you can connect with talented individuals open to a particular role. Next, you can organize an interview and carry out other assessment tests as per convenience.

  1. Save the profile for easy accessibility

There are times when you come across an impressive candidate profile. Such a professional might have all or most of the relevant skills tailormade for your organization. However, your company might not have a suitable vacancy at that instant.

So, what can you do in this scenario?

You surely wouldn’t want to miss out on a talented individual. In such a case, you can use the save option to secure a particular profile. This way, you can access the CV for openings in the subsequent recruitment round.

In addition, you can organize, download, and share the CVs for quick reference. You can also use the ‘report’ option to share resumes that might seem inappropriate.

  1. Receive email alerts

Notifications on your shortlisted candidates always prove handy during a hiring requirement. Due to such alerts, you can understand when your job requirements match a candidate’s skills.

Using this feature can help you find the apt candidates without any hassle. All you need is to decide the frequency of email alerts. Here are the different configurations for this feature:

  • None
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

These emails can alert you whenever a new CV matches your desired criteria. Consequently, you can contact the candidate without any delay. The best thing about this function is that you can save the search selections as required. So, you can swiftly search CVs.

In a nutshell

Leveraging modern technology is a new way forward for smart recruitment. As an employer, searching through several CVs from various regions across the planet can be challenging. For this purpose, you can explore tools like CV Search.

Bayt.com offers a streamlined free CV Search tool for this exact purpose. Importantly, you need not be highly tech-savvy to use such a convenient platform. Within quick steps, you can register and find suitable candidates as per your company’s requirements.

The tool has features like profile save, clustering tools, email alerts, and a fresh CV to speed up your hiring process. In addition, the AI-powered mechanism makes hiring for employers easy and convenient. Register and use this tool for free to save time and reduce hiring costs. Digitalize your talent recruitment with such a hi-tech tool!          


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