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Looking for the best recruitment software and applicant tracking system (ATS) in the Middle East? We’ve got you covered! In this listicle, we compare the top contenders in the industry specifically for the Middle East.



  1. Talentera
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Zoho Recruit
  4. Deel
  5. Workable


Why Limit to Five? 

The answer is simple: Quality over quantity.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit through countless demos, sales pitches and proposal reviews. And we want to save you from the overwhelming process of sifting through countless choices by bringing you directly to the cream of the crop.

We know this because we had to comb through over 200 applicant tracking systems and recruitment software.

In the realm of essential business tools such as recruitment software, the focus should be on depth, not breadth.

Our selection process was anything but arbitrary. We delved deep into the capabilities of each software, evaluating them against a rigorous 11-point checklist designed to cover every aspect critical to your business needs:

  1. Functionality and Features
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Expertise in MENA
  4. Integration Capabilities
  5. Customization
  6. Candidate Experience
  7. Compliance and Data Security
  8. Scalability
  9. Support and Training
  10. Analytics and Reporting
  11. Vendor Reputation and Reviews


1. Talentera

The most comprehensive AI-powered recruitment software handcrafted for the Middle East.

Standout Features & Traits

  • Built for the Middle East with a 14-year legacy
  • Bilingual Product & Support (English & Arabic)
  • AI Video Evaluation and Interview
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Customer-centric design
  • Visa Tracking Module for UAE & KSA

At the forefront of Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the MENA region for 2024 stands Talentera, an AI-powered recruitment platform built for the Middle East.

The platform distinguishes itself with its deep understanding and extensive experience in the regional market, having been developed and refined over 14 years through direct feedback from its users. Talentera provides a holistic recruitment solution, managing the entire hiring process from candidate sourcing and tracking to evaluation and onboarding.

Talentera has been the recruitment partner for Dubai Expo 2020, ADCB, Dubai Islamic Bank, The Ministry of Education UAE and the Public Investment Fund, Saudi among 500+ other middle eastern companies.

An additional feature that sets the recruitment platform apart is its AI-powered video evaluation and interview module, allowing users to save time and cost-to-hire. Overall Talentera stands as one of the most trusted talent acquisition platforms in the Middle East.


2. Greenhouse

Standout Features & Traits

  • Global player
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion
  • End-to-end recruitment
  • 400+ Integrations

In the world of applicant tracking systems (ATS), Greenhouse distinguishes out for having a cutting-edge recruiting platform that improves hiring effectiveness. Greenhouse is on a mission to make every company become great at hiring.

Through an intuitive interface, it provides a full range of capabilities for job listings, candidate tracking, and assessments. Data-driven decisions are made possible by its analytics and reporting capabilities, which enhance recruitment tactics.

Greenhouse is an adaptable option that guarantees a smooth hiring process because of its integration with a wide variety of HR software and job portals.

The company is committed to diversity and inclusion, offers resources to assist in creating inclusive workplaces and varied teams. Some amazing businesses like Hubspot, Invision, Squarespace, Wayfair, and JD Power are among the clientele.


3. Zoho Recruit

Standout Features & Traits

  • Versatile platform
  • Flexible pricing plans & 45-day money back guarantee
  • Zoho ecosystem & Integrations
  • Candidate experience

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive and adaptable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that serves the recruitment requirements of diverse sectors. It is engineered to optimize the recruitment journey, from candidate sourcing to their integration into the company.Furthermore, Zoho Recruit offers smooth integration with various applications within the Zoho ecosystem and external services, thereby expanding its utility and adaptability.

A notable feature of Zoho Recruit is its intuitive interface, which demystifies complicated recruitment processes, making the platform accessible to users regardless of their level of recruitment expertise. It places a strong emphasis on the candidate experience, providing tools that foster enhanced engagement and communication throughout the recruitment cycle.

Zoho Recruit is designed to be scalable, meeting the needs of businesses large and small, and ensuring that it can support organizational growth without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness. This makes it an ideal choice for any organization looking for a reliable and dynamic recruitment solution.


4. Deel

Deel is a hiring, payroll and compliance platform for over 150 countries. Highly suited for remote hiring.

Standout Features & Traits

  • Enables Remote Hiring
  • Global Compliance
  • Flexible Payment Solutions
  • Seamless Integrations

Deel is more than a recruitment software. It is also a global payroll and compliance platform that simplifies the process of hiring, paying, and managing remote teams in over 150 countries. Its user-friendly interface allows for efficient payroll management and legal compliance, streamlining international employment processes.

Deel automates contract creation according to local laws, offers real-time financial reporting, and integrates with leading accounting software, enhancing operational efficiency. It supports multi-currency payments and various withdrawal methods, prioritizing flexibility and security for global teams. Essentially, Deel combines hiring, payroll, compliance, and workforce management into one platform, making it ideal for companies looking to expand their global presence efficiently.


5. Workable

Standout Features & Traits

  • User Friendly Interface
  • End-to-end recruitment platform
  • Reporting & Analytics

Workable is a dynamic ATS (Applicant Tracking System) designed to streamline recruitment processes for businesses of all sizes. It offers an intuitive platform that simplifies job posting, candidate tracking, and evaluation, making the hiring process more efficient.

Workable’s strength is in its user-friendly interface together with its robust sourcing capabilities, which enable recruiters to locate and connect with top talent worldwide. Collaborative hiring is supported by the software, enabling team members to offer input and decide collectively.

Customisable offer letters, interview kits, and job descriptions are among the essential elements. Robust data and analytics are also provided to help with recruiting strategy optimisation. Additionally, Workable’s smooth integrations with numerous third-party apps improve its functionality for HR workflows.



In conclusion, the dynamic landscape of recruitment in the Middle East demands cutting-edge software solutions that are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of the region. The top 5 recruitment software and Applicant Tracking Systems for 2024 that we’ve explored offer a blend of innovative features, efficiency in hiring processes, and strategic advantages in attracting and retaining top talent.

Whether you prioritize user experience, integration capabilities, or scalability, each platform brings something valuable to the table. As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, leveraging these tools can significantly enhance your recruitment strategy, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the competitive Middle Eastern job market.

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