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Did you know that one of the most beloved feature of is the WhatsApp feature for contacting candidates? Let’s discover more about it as part of’s new CV search and its impact on employers! This functionality has made communication with candidates faster and easier for employers.

Employers benefit from improved recruitment efficiency, including quick responses and personalized interactions. Learn about the benefits of fast updates, real-time messaging, and the capability of evaluating candidates immediately.


Key takeaways

  1. Why do the employers love the WhatsApp feature?
  2. How to contact candidates through the WhatsApp feature?
  3. How to change WhatsApp preferences?
  4. What do employers have to say about using WhatsApp feature?


1. Why do the employers love the WhatsApp feature?

The WhatsApp feature has been an absolute game-changer for employers, letting them contact and hire candidates faster.

  • Real-time messaging allows employers to communicate quickly and effectively with potential applicants. 
  • Higher response rates brought on by WhatsApp’s convenience have made it easier for businesses to connect with a larger talent pool. 
  • Customizable choices also enable employers to maintain control by getting alerts at their preferred platform i.e. Web or Desktop.



Employer feedback:

“One of the features in that really helped us was the WhatsApp option. In case someone is busy or in a meeting, we can simply send them a WhatsApp message and they can revert to us whenever they are available as well.”

– Kareshma, Talent Acquisition Officer at Al-Shaya Enterprises


“WhatsApp feature… is extremely helpful. As you know, most of the candidates would not reply to emails always but mobile phone are always with people. And we get messages on WhatsApp way faster than the responses we get over email. So that’s a very good feature that Bayt has come up with.”

– Vijita Nambiar, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Al-Khinji Recruitment


2. Contacting candidates through the WhatsApp feature?

So, you want to know how to reach out to candidates using the amazing WhatsApp feature? No worries, we have got you covered!

Find the candidate you wish to speak with in the CV Search page once you’ve logged in. The magic now begins – simply tap the WhatsApp symbol next to their profile, and it’s done! You’re prepared to start up a pleasant chat. Introduce yourself, enquire about their background and abilities, and provide information regarding the job opening.

To contact a candidate, click the Contact this candidate button.


Contact candidate via WhatsApp feature in CV Search


When the candidate’s contact information is revealed, a credit will be consumed, and you will be able to contact the candidate. You can contact in the following ways:

  • Directly: via their email address or mobile number
  • WhatsApp: Click on Whatsapp link which will redirect you to either web or desktop app. There, you can send messages to the candidate. WhatsApp feature



3. How to change WhatsApp preferences

Mastering your WhatsApp preferences is easy; we’ll guide you through it step-by-step. 

You can select your WhatsApp preference to contact candidates i.e., Web or Desktop App. This saves time and allows you to get in touch with a candidate in just a few clicks.


Steps to change WhatsApp preferences:

  • Click the Settings icon on top right corner of your screen, next to Save Search
  • From the dropdown menu, select either Web or Desktop App under WhatApp Preference
  • Click Save


How to select whatsapp preferences from WhatsApp feature



In conclusion, the WhatsApp feature has proven to be a game-changing tool for employers seeking a more efficient and engaging hiring process. Its real-time messaging features, improved response times, and customized preferences have improved candidate communication.

Moreover, employers have enjoyed unparalleled convenience and control throughout recruitment, from quick contacts to personalized interactions. Employers who have used this tool have given success stories, which attest to how well it has changed the hiring scene. Accepting the WhatsApp function is unquestionably a step towards locating the ideal candidate for any open position, making it a crucial resource for any forward-thinking business.

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