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UAE employers and businesses, we have some exciting news for you. In a significant move to enhance talent retention in the UAE, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and Bayt.com have signed an MoU. This partnership aims to make staying in the country more attractive for skilled nationals.

The UAE government launched the Emiratisation initiative years ago in a bid to have more Emiratis in the UAE workforce. By teaming up with Bayt.com, the MoHRE focuses on improving job opportunities and work conditions, which can benefit local talent. 


Key takeaways

  1. Revolutionizing UAE’s job market
  2. MoU to boost economic prosperity


1. Revolutionizing UAE’s job market

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) of the United Arab Emirates and the renowned online job portal, Bayt.com have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

This represents a significant advancement in the nation’s pursuit of sustainable economic growth and Emiratization policies. This collaboration, which was the result of a common vision, has the potential to alter the labor market completely by enhancing talent retention in the UAE. 

One of the paramount reasons this collaboration is crucial lies in its alignment with Emiratisation objectives. Emiratisation seeks to increase the participation of UAE nationals in the workforce, as hiring UAE nationals is beneficial for firmsCurrently, more than 33% of Emiratis are being employed in the UAE workforce as a direct result of Emiratisation. A few months ago in an expansion move, MoHRE announced that companies with 21-49 employees also need to hire Emiratis.

Therefore, this partnership aims to create an environment that attracts and increases talent retention in the UAE. They intend to introduce innovative solutions that make the UAE’s labor market more appealing to local and international professionals by utilizing joint resources and expertise.


Bayt.com’s role in this effort is pivotal.

  • With 20+ years in the UAE market, Bayt.com can provide valuable insights into the labor market trends, job opportunities, and skill requirements.
  • Bayt.com has a database of 160,000+ Emirati professionals seeking jobs.
  • Moreover, it can be a bridge connecting Emirati job seekers with potential UAE employers.


Khalil al-Khoori, Undersecretary MoHRE and Rabea Ataya, CEO Bayt.com signing MoU


2. MoU to boost economic prosperity

The partnership between MoHRE and Bayt.com highlights the UAE’s dedication to expanding employment possibilities and better working conditions. In turn, this will promote a thriving and diversified labor market, integral for the future of work in MENA. It reflects the government’s proactive approach to fostering talent, ensuring the UAE remains a desirable location for highly qualified individuals. As talent retention in the UAE increases, it will become a major international economic center.

Furthermore, Khalil Al Khoori, Undersecretary of MoHRE, emphasized the need for public-private collaboration to improve services. At the same time, Rabea Ataya, CEO of Bayt.com, highlighted the role of partnership in boosting economic development. 

This Ministry and Bayt.com signed MoU signifies a shared commitment to achieving the UAE’s economic goals and fostering growth in various sectors. Consequently, this MoU is a crucial step forward for the nation’s prosperity. This policy will encourage firms to abide by Emiratization policies to avoid the AED 400 fines for companies failing Emiraization targets.



In conclusion, the collaboration between the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and Bayt.com represents a promising effort towards achieving economic growth and Emiratisation objectives. 

With Bayt.com’s support, the labor market will flourish, contributing to the nation’s overall economic development. Thus, the MoU marks a pivotal moment in pursuing sustainable growth for companies struggling to meet Emiratization targets. Want to know more about how you can hire Emiratis? Get in touch with us!

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