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Recruiting the right puzzle piece to fit into your organization is arguably the most difficult task for most HR professionals and employers.

Time is a precious resource, and energy depletes quickly. The entire hiring process can be exhaustive with its various steps: curating the perfect job description, scouting for the most niche candidates, and shortlisting the best of the best in your vast database. Then comes the round of interviews, offer letters and onboarding processes.

What if we tell you that hiring professionals need not be a tiring and soul-sucking process?

With Bayt’s advanced AI systems and seamless features, you can recruit the best professionals in the market in just a few simple steps! Namely, our two effective tools, the CV Search and Job Postings, are absolute life-savers if you want to help your team reach new heights.

This article delineates the entire process- from using Bayt’s optimal services, understanding its novel features, and amassing the best candidates for each job specificities. Read below!


The Fastest Professional Search Engine- Bayt’s CV Search

Do you know that feeling of exploring hundreds of CVs just to find the right one? Or trying yet failing to recall that one perfect profile from months ago?

Such situations are complex and exhaustive. Yet, they need not be inevitable with the help of Bayt’s CV Search tool!

The CV Search tool is backed by our powerhouse AI facilities and seamless functionality to deliver the best results to you in a heartbeat.

Subscriptions to our attractive packages come with a plethora of novel benefits.

In just a few clicks, enjoy access to some of the most impressive CVs in the MENA region. Furthermore, this nifty feature allows you to filter searches based on a plethora of criteria, save candidates for potential future communication, and make shortlisting far easier!

Our cost-effective subscription plans, along with their highly specialized benefits, are bound to make your hiring process as easy as ever!


How to Use the CV Search Features Effectively?


Using the Bayt CV Search features is as easy as pie! If you’re curious about its usage, read about the entire process below.

1. Initial Searching

Use Bayt’s Keyword search bar to broadly look for the CV characteristics you require (such as job title, skills, etc.) The Boolean search allows you to search for multiple factors simultaneously, thus enhancing the hunting process.

Bayt’s advanced AI technology provides recommended searches to help you broaden and quicken the recruitment process.


2. Fine-Tuning the Process

If your company has specific needs, then don’t fret! Bayt’s advanced search engine allows you to filter through hundreds of searches with particular criteria. Such as nationality, residence, educational background, employment history, the freshness of the CV, and more.

Did you think that was the end of it? Make the searching process highly specific by including niche exclusion criteria like the driving license, languages, job expectations and needs, and so much more!

When perusing through the search results, you can preview interested CVs to gain a superficial idea of the candidate.


3. Organizational Features  

Suppose you like the CV but don’t have a current job opening for that individual. In that case, you can save the profile and add it to an easily accessible folder for future use!

There is a slew of CV actions at your disposal. You can annotate, add notes, download, and share the interested CVs with other Bayt recruiters and professionals.


Final Thoughts is the leading job site in the MENA region for recruiting the best professionals and simplifying the shortlisting process.

Its slew of attractive features, along with its cost-effective subscription plans, make it a must-have tool for every HR professional and employer!

Use Bayt’s CV Search to attract top talent to your company. With an easy registration process, seamless interface, and easy functionality, you have no excuse to skip out on the largest CV database in the MENA region!

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