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Emirates National Group (ENG)

“Bayt.com is one of the best recruitment website’s that helps both employers and job seekers professionally, and its an effective user-friendly way to recruit . Our HR team has enjoyed working with Bayt.com. We would surely recommend them for other employers and our management

Mr.Mahmoud, HR – Recruitment
Barclays Bank

It was an excellent experience to have Bayt.com as a partner in our recruitment process. Their team were fast and professional in helping us search for the right candidates. The system is very user friendly and provides good search results

Syed Nabil Khurshid, HR Business Advisor
Siemens Technologies S. A. E.

Bayt.com is an efficient partner to our recruitment needs in the Middle East region, both in terms of the quality of service and the responses we received

Nora Maher, Senior HR Consultant
Bateel International L.L.C.

Using Bayt.com made our recruitment life much easier. Bayt.com has a user friendly system and very accommodating and professional product specialists who attend to every need. We were able to hire qualified individuals for our different requirements, and so I definitely would recommend Bayt.com.

Mary Taparo, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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